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How Flin Flon Got Its Name

The story of how Flin Flon got its name dates back to the year 1914. Prospector Tom Creighton and his escort, local trapper David Collins, were exploring the northern frontiers of Manitoba in search of ore. Creighton, along with his associates Dan and Jack Mosher, Isadore and Leon Dion and Dan Milligan, were exploring in the vicinity of Amisk (Beaver) Lake, Saskatchewan, when they were shown mineral-rich sulphides by David Collins, who had found the rocks in his hunting territory surrounding the north arm of Athapapuskow Lake.

Immediately recognizing the potential value of the resource, the prospectors asked Collins to show them where he found the strange looking rocks. He led them to a small lake near the location of present day Flin Flon where the prospectors staked a claim to the property.

Yet how the peculiar name “Flin Flon” came to be is where fiction begins to impose itself upon the story. It is said that the prospectors, who had little else to do on the long nights in the wilderness, were in possession of a tattered copy of a dime-store science fiction novel written by J.E. Preston Muddock called The Sunless City.

The novel told the story of the adventurer Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin, ventured in his submarine to the bottom of the bottomless Lake Avernus and into the centre of the earth in search of the unknown. (Exactly how the bottom of a bottomless lake was reached was not explained.) Reminded how the lake near the mineral discovery appeared bottomless, the prospectors felt that it was reminiscent of Lake Avernus.

Thereafter, the lake near the claim became commonly known as Flin Flon Lake.

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